California National Guard



Core Competencies

​​The United States Property and Fiscal Office for California handles the Federal property and funds for the California National Guard, both Army and Air Guard. Employees at the USPFO work in various fields, such as accounting, purchasing and contracting, computers, logistics and warehouse operations. The USPFO in California has operation centers spread across two locations.

USPFO for California  2303 Napa Ave San Luis Obispo, CA 93405-7609


USPFO Mather Annex:10620 Mather Blvd.Mather, CA 95955

Mailing Address for USPFO Mather Annex:
9800 Goethe Road Box #44
Sacramento, CA 95826-9101





Cooperative Agreements AgreementsFacilitates NGB assistance for the operation and training of the State Army and Air national Guard.
Data Management Services Management ServicesHosts enterprise Financial, Supply and Personnel applications to the California National Guard
Financial Services ServicesFinancial services to facilitate Soldier & Unit readiness
Purchasing & Contracting & ContractingPurchasing and Contracting support for the California National Guard
Supply & Services & ServicesProvide Supply and various services essential to the operation of the California National Guard

Unit Home
United States Property and Fiscal Office
Joint:Joint Offices:United States Property and Fiscal Office













Invitation Travel Authorization (ITA) Policy Bulletin ITA 15-02 FM.pdfInvitation Travel Authorization (ITA)application/pdf Policies and Procedures



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