Regional Training Site Maintenance, Camp Roberts Training Site Maintenance, Camp RobertsGP0|#cc842bc3-b4ae-41f1-882e-3221a371d779;L0|#0cc842bc3-b4ae-41f1-882e-3221a371d779|Regional Training Site Maintenance, Camp Roberts;GTSet|#e279d21c-c413-4094-a401-08a0673bc628;GPP|#a8de9178-ee8b-4cc0-a936-e1f2aa0a4355;GPP|#12d03180-6037-4e21-992d-7eacecd8f338<p>‚ÄčOur vision is to train the leaders and future leaders of the Ordnance Corps. Our responsibility is to educate ourselves in order to ensure the Soldiers attending courses at the RTSM, are trained to be capable to survive, adapt, and win on the battlefield and to meet the needs of operational tempo of the Army. We will integrate resiliency and critical thinking into all training aspects, developing their skills to become strong self-learners in the ever changing operational environment.</p>



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USAREUR Drivers Training Drivers TrainingThe Regional Training Site-Maintenance, Camp Roberts CA (RTS-M) is the appointed Training and Testing Unit for the California Army National Guard.