Camp Roberts RobertsGP0|#b31d1926-659c-4801-a86a-90647312dd26;L0|#0b31d1926-659c-4801-a86a-90647312dd26|Camp Roberts;GTSet|#e279d21c-c413-4094-a401-08a0673bc628;GPP|#a8de9178-ee8b-4cc0-a936-e1f2aa0a4355;GPP|#12d03180-6037-4e21-992d-7eacecd8f338<img alt="California National Guard Logo" src="/SiteHomeCrestsPatches/Logo_CNG.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​The mission at Camp Roberts is to facilitate the training, mobilization and security of the National Guard, Army Reserve and Active Component units in support of Federal, State and community missions.</p><p><img alt="SMCOVERFOLDER.jpg" src="/CR/PublishingImages/Pages/default/SMCOVERFOLDER.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:502px;" />                                           <a href=""></a></p><p> </p><p> </p>



Alcohol Policy Policy.pdfAlcohol Policyapplication/pdf Regulations and Manuals



July 2014 Hunting on Camp Roberts for the General Public 2014 Hunting on Camp Roberts for the General Public.pdfJuly 2014 Hunting on Camp Roberts for the General Publicapplication/pdf Policies and Procedures



CR Form 307-R -Training Support Request Form Form 307-R -Training Support Request Form.pdfCR Form 307-R -Training Support Request Formapplication/pdf Form Document





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Camp Roberts Installation Services Roberts Installation ServicesGP0|#b31d1926-659c-4801-a86a-90647312dd26;L0|#0b31d1926-659c-4801-a86a-90647312dd26|Army:Activities and Installations:Camp Roberts;GTSet|#e279d21c-c413-4094-a401-08a0673bc628;GPP|#a8de9178-ee8b-4cc0-a936-e1f2aa0a4355;GPP|#12d03180-6037-4e21-992d-7eacecd8f338





COL John N. Haramalis John N. Haramalis<img alt="" src="/CR/PublishingImages/HARAMALIS_sm_web.jpg" width="336" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />John N. HaramalisColonelCamp Roberts, CAGarrison Commander



Billeting Roberts offers billets and an RV park
Camp Roberts Hunting and Fishing Roberts Hunting and FishingCamp Roberts Hunting and Fishing Program
Camp Roberts ID Card Center Roberts ID Card CenterCAC ID card and dependent ID card operations
Environmental of all CA ARNG facilities, activities and operations with all appropriate federal, state, local and military environmental laws and regulations.
Information Management Managementsupport the automation, telecommunications and the spectrum needs of Camp Roberts and customer units.