It is with a humble heart that the California National Guard honors these servicemembers who fought and died with honor while serving with their country.



Fallen Comrade SPC Michael G Mihalakis Comrade SPC Michael G MihalakisSpc.MichaelG.MihalakisSan JoseCalifornia270th Military Police CompanyOperation Iraqi Freedom19852003
Fallen Comrade SSG David Perry Comrade SSG David PerryStaff Sgt.DavidPerryBakersfieldCalifornia649th Military Police CompanyOperation Iraqi Freedom19662003
Fallen Comrade SGT Patrick R McCaffrey Sr Comrade SGT Patrick R McCaffrey SrSgt.PatrickR.McCaffrey, Sr.TracyCalifornia579th Engineer BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19702004
Fallen Comrade SFC Michael C Ottolini Comrade SFC Michael C OttoliniSgt. 1st ClassMichaelC.OttoliniSebastopolCalifornia579th Engineer BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19592004
Fallen Comrade SPC Eric U Ramirez Comrade SPC Eric U RamirezSpc.EricU.RamirezSan DiegoCalifornia670th Military Police CompanyOperation Iraqi Freedom19722004
Fallen Comrade SGT Quoc Binh Tran Comrade SGT Quoc Binh TranSgt.QuocBinhTranMission ViejoCalifornia185th Armor Regiment BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19772004
Fallen Comrade 1LT Andre D Tyson Comrade 1LT Andre D Tyson1st Lt.AndreD.TysonRiversideCalifornia579th Engineer BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19702004
Fallen Comrade SPC Daniel P Unger Comrade SPC Daniel P UngerSpc.DanielP.UngerExeterCalifornia1-185th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19852004
Fallen Comrade 1LT Michael W Vega Comrade 1LT Michael W Vega*1st Lt.MichaelW.VegaLathropCalifornia223rd Military Intelligence BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19622004
Fallen Comrade SSG Jerry L Bonifacio Jr Comrade SSG Jerry L Bonifacio JrStaff Sgt.JerryL.Bonifacio, Jr.VacavilleCalifornia1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19772005
Fallen Comrade SGT Marcelino Corneil Comrade SGT Marcelino CorneilSgt.MarcelinoCorneilCovinaCaliforniaCo. A, 1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19822005
Fallen comrade SGT Arnold Duplantier II comrade SGT Arnold Duplantier IISgt.ArnoldDuplantier IISacramentoCaliforniaCo. C, 1-184th Infantry Battalion Operation Iraqi Freedom19792005
Fallen Comrade SGT Shakere T Guy Comrade SGT Shakere T GuySgt.ShakereT.GuyPomonaCalifornia1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19822005
Fallen Comrade CPT Raymond D Hill Comrade CPT Raymond D HillCpt.RaymondD.HillTurlockCalifornia1-487th Field ArtilleryOperation Iraqi Freedom19662005
Fallen Comrade SGT Timothy C Kiser Comrade SGT Timothy C KiserSgt.TimothyC.KiserRedbluffCaliforniaDET1, HHD 340th FSBOperation Iraqi Freedom19682005
Fallen Comrade CPT Michael J MacKinnon Comrade CPT Michael J MacKinnon†Cpt.MichaelJ.MacKinnonHelenaMontanaCo. A, 1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19742005
Fallen Comrade SSG Paul C Neubauer Comrade SSG Paul C NeubauerStaff Sgt.PaulC.NeubauerOceansideCalifornia1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19652005
Fallen Comrade SSG Jose Rangel Comrade SSG Jose Rangel*Staff Sgt.JoseRangelSaratogaCalifornia1106th AVCRADOperation Iraqi Freedom19622005
Fallen Comrade SFC Daniel R Scheile Comrade SFC Daniel R ScheileSgt. 1st ClassDanielR.ScheileFallbrookCaliforniaCo. D, 1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19682005
Fallen Comrade SSG Alfredo B Silva Comrade SSG Alfredo B SilvaStaff Sgt.AlfredoBarajasSilvaCalexicoCaliforniaDET 1, HHB, 1-487th Field ArtilleryOperation Iraqi Freedom19692005
Fallen Comrade SGT Michael Sonoda Jr Comrade SGT Michael Sonoda JrSgt.MichaelSonoda, Jr.FallbrookCalifornia1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19712005
Fallen Comrade CPL Glenn J Watkins Comrade CPL Glenn J Watkins†Cpl.GlennJ.WatkinsCarlsbadCalifornia1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19632005
Fallen Comrade COL William W Wood Comrade COL William W Wood†Col.WilliamW.WoodPanama CityFlorida1-184th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19612005
Fallen Comrade SGT Christopher Dwayne Young Comrade SGT Christopher Dwayne YoungSgt.ChristopherD.YoungLos AngelesCaliforniaCo. C, 3-160th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19862005
Fallen Comrade SFC Isaac S Lawson Comrade SFC Isaac S LawsonSgt. 1st ClassIsaacS.LawsonSacramentoCaliforniaHHC, 49th Military Police BrigadeOperation Iraqi Freedom19712006
Fallen Comrade SFC Rudy A Salcido Comrade SFC Rudy A SalcidoSgt. 1st ClassRudyA.SalcidoOntarioCalifornia1114th Transportation CompanyOperation Iraqi Freedom19742006
Fallen Comrade SGT Eric M Holke Comrade SGT Eric M Holke*Sgt.EricM.HolkeCrestlineCaliforniaCo. A, 1st Battalion, 160th InfantryOperation Iraqi Freedom19762007
Fallen Comrade SGT Rhys W Klasno Comrade SGT Rhys W KlasnoSgt.RhysW.KlasnoLa PuenteCalifornia1114th Transportation CompanyOperation Iraqi Freedom19862007
Fallen Comrade SGT Dennis L Sellen Jr Comrade SGT Dennis L Sellen Jr*Sgt.DennisL.Sellen, Jr.NewhallCaliforniaHHC (-) 1-185th Infantry BattalionOperation Iraqi Freedom19872007
Fallen Comrade MAJ Rocco M Barnes Comrade MAJ Rocco M Barnes*Maj.RoccoM.BarnesLos AngelesCaliforniaTactical Command Post 3, 40th IDOperation Iraqi Freedom19582009
Fallen Comrade SGT Carlo F Eugenio Comrade SGT Carlo F EugenioSgt.CarloF.EugenioRiversideCalifornia756th Transportation CompanyOperation Enduring Freedom19822011
Fallen Comrade SPC Sean M Walsh Comrade SPC Sean M WalshSpc.SeanM.WalshSan JoseCalifornia870th Military Police CompanyOperation Enduring Freedom19902011


​For further detail surrounding these fallen servicemembers, please reference their individual biographies below. For clarification regarding official terms and designations please refer to the attached guide.

* These servicemembers' deaths were classified by the Department of Defense as "non-hostile". Non-hostile deaths are those where the circumstances are not directly attributable to hostile action or terrorist activity.

† These servicemembers were not assigned to the California National Guard at the time of their death, but were associated with CNG units or activities.