PROGRAM - Cyber Network Defense


​To assist Department of Defense, Federal, State, Local Government partners and Critical Infrastructure providers to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical network infrastructure.  The Cyber Network Defense Team also provides support and assistance through established partnerships with cybersecurity venders, academia, and government entities.

State, Local, and Municipality Activities

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​• Independent Security Assessment (ISA)
• Agency Vulnerability Assessment (AVA)
• Health Sampling Assessment (Vulnerability) (HSA)
• Firewall Configuration Assessment (FCA)
• Website Configuration Vulnerability Scan (WCV)
• Network Traffic Anomaly and Indicators of Compromise (NIC)
• Hybrid Penetration Testing (HPT)
• Systems Engineering and Support (SES)
• Active Directory Health Analysis (AHA)
• Security Content Automation Protocol – Baseline Image Analysis (BIA)
• Incident Response Support Services (IRS)
• User Phishing Assessment (UPA)
• Cybersecurity Consulting and Support Services (CCS)

J-6 Director of Information Management
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