PROGRAM - Veteran Honors Program


​​The Veteran Honors Program began in earnest when it was finally recognized that veterans, especially of World War II, as well as others, were not receiving the honors they deserved and earned defending this nation. Significant force reductions and base closures severely curtailed the ability of the active component to provide military honors for our veterans and their families.

The National Guard was tasked to supplement the active component in order to support the families of veterans and render appropriate honors for service to our country.

The National Guard has units in communities throughout the nation. It was determined that the Guard would take a major role in this mission. Effective 1 January 2000, The National Guard of the several states was formally directed to provide support at funerals for eligible veterans. Funds were made available to pay Soldiers who are members of an honors team.

Services are available at the time and convenience of the deceased veteran's family seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Since the commencement of the program on January 1, 2000, the VHP has performed over 35,100 Military Funeral Honors and memorials throughout the state of California.

If you know of a veteran who deserves Military Funeral Honors, please have your funeral director or coordinator contact the CASUALTY ACTION CENTER.

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