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Welcome to the CAARNG Soldier Incentive Assistance Center (SIAC) Page.  This site contains a variety of resources that will help you learn more about your incentive, what you can do if you received a debt letter, and what you need to do if you received an eligibility notice.  Please notice the link bar to the right. These links will direct you to all of the resources you have available to you.  If you need to contact us for any reason, our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page or in the "Points of Contact" panel on the right.

  • ​ To learn more about the Soldier Incentive Assistance Center, please view the Grizzly Article about us.

  • The Soldier Incentive Assistance Center has been featured on several local news stations: Both CBS-Call Kurtis and ABC ran stories in October 2013.

  • If you received a notice stating you may be eligible for an Exception to Policy (ETP) from NGB, please visit the Exception to Policy page.

  • If your ETP was denied and you would like to seek further recourse, you may go to the Army Board for Corrections of Military Records.  For more information, please visit the ABCMR page.

  • If you need legal help, please visit the Legal Assistance page.

  • For more information about incentives offered by National Guard Bureau (NGB), you may visit the NGB Incentives page.

  • For a history of incentive laws, DoD guidance, regulations, and NGB policies, please visit the Law and Policy page.

  • If you have questions that weren't answered on any of the pages above, please try the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

  • All recoupment notices sent from our office are the result of a detailed audit of your incentive and enlistment records, complete with a supporting documentation packet.  If you would like to see the packet, you may contact us to request a copy.


You may contact us at any time via the following:


Phone: (855) 751-4087

Fax: (916) 843-3968

Mail: Soldier Incentive Assistance Center
9800 Goethe Road, Box 65
Sacramento, CA  95826

Program Pages

Points of Contact

Soldier Incentive Assistance Center:


0800-1600 Monday-Friday (Federal Holidays excluded)

email: NG.CA.CAARNG.LIST.ITF@mail.mil

Phone: (855) 751-4087

Fax: (916) 843-3968

Mail: Soldier Incentive Assistance Center
9800 Goethe Road, Box 65
Sacramento, CA  95826

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DODI 1215.07http://www.calguard.ca.gov/G1/Documents/DODI 1215.07.pdfDODI 1215.07application/pdf Regulations and Manuals



Whom should I contact?http://www.calguard.ca.gov/G1/Lists/FAQ/DispForm.aspx?ID=1Whom should I contact?FAQ



Administration Officerhttp://www.calguard.ca.gov/G1/Lists/Contacts/DispForm.aspx?ID=1Administration OfficerContacts



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ROTARY HOMEFRONT SUPPORThttp://www.calguard.ca.gov/G1/Documents/CSMR_Orientation Presentation - 2012 - Retirement Conference.pptxROTARY HOMEFRONT SUPPORTapplication/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation Policies and Procedures



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