Space A Travel Information

​Space A Travel Information:  

LAAAF is located on the Joint Forces Training Base, formerly known as Armed Forces Reserve Center Los Alamitos. This page should help you plan a Space-A trip 'To', 'From',  and'Through' Los Alamitos (KSLI).  

  • LAAAF has no scheduled or "routine" flights, most missions are schedule via (JOSAC) Joint Operational Support Airlift Center.  
  • LAAAF has no facilities or staff to accommodate transient or Space Available passengers. 
  • LAAAF has no program or procedure for registering for Space Available flights. You can however check the JOSAC web site to determine if we have a flight with available seats. 
  • Once you determine that there is indeed a flight with a available seats arriving or departing LAAAF. You should call Base Operations before driving to the airfield to verify that the aircraft is indeed enroute. 
  • LAAAF has no passenger terminal, your best chance to link up with the flight crew is in our pilot briefing room.

 Travel Identification and Documentation:

  • All Space-A travelers must have been issued a Uniformed Services Identification Card. 
  • All Active Duty personnel must have a Leave or Pass Authorization (approved). 
  • Authorization Letters. All documentation will be reviewed by the Crew prior to departure.  

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