​The mission of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is to support national security strategy during operations, in war or Operations Other Than War (OOTW), which reduce or eliminate the hazards of explosive ordnance that threatens personnel, operations, installations, or materiel.

  • Responsible for identification, render safe, and disposal of hazardous unexploded conventional munitions, chemical munitions, and improvised devices in wartime and peace time.
  • Provide assistance to civilian and federal authorities when requested.
  • Provide EOD support to the Dept of State, Dept of Defense, and Secret Service for Presidential, Vice Presidential, and other VIP support.
  • Present classes on ordnance recognition, bomb search, bomb threat and reporting procedures to military, civilian, and federal authorities.

Core Competencies

During war, preserving the commander’s combat power becomes more challenging for EOD because of the increasingly complex and lethal battlefield. EOD integration into staff planning must be sufficiently explicit to provide for battle synchronization yet flexible enough to respond to change or to capitalize on fleeting opportunities.

EOD command and control itself must respond quickly and be flexible to the rapid changes on the battlefield. Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), has greater emphasis now because of the possible critical impact on the commander’s combat power and has significantly increased the work to be performed by EOD. Global Terrorism and the increased use of special forces or sabotage groups increases the need for EOD assets to eliminate the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) at critical facilities.

EOD Recruiting Information Brief (PPT)

EOD Functions:

Army doctrine determines the nature of the five primary EOD functions in the operations environment -- mobility, survivability, logistics, security, and intelligence.

POC Information:

CPT Franklyn Pangelinan
First Sergeant
1SG Stevan Mays 
Operations Readiness NCO
SFC Bradley R. Merrill
217th OD CO (EOD)
HWY 101, BLDG 7020
Camp Roberts, CA 93451-5000
(805) 238-8736

   Do you want to be EOD?

The 217th OD CO (EOD) is in search of motivated intelligent individuals to volunteer for the EOD Mission.

  • Must be a PFC thru SGT
  • Male and Female Soldiers may apply
  • GM Score 104
  • Must be eligible for a Top-Secret clearance
  • Must have normal color vision
  • Must have a valid state drivers license
  • CANNOT be allergic to explosives
  • Minimum physical profile of 111121
  • Must successfully complete an interview process
  • Must volunteer for the EOD program

The 217th OD CO (EOD) is located at Camp Roberts California

Commercial (805) 238-8736

POC SFC Merrill, e-mail:





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